Su Hansen Psychotherapist

It is the person, not the problem, that is most important to me.

You may be stuck in grief, be knocked over by what is happening in the world, find yourself repeating patterns that don’t work for you, or feel your life lacks vibrancy.

You may have difficulties in relationships in general or in a particular relationship.

If you have been struggling with these or similar problems, you may have tried pushing through the problem, talking with friends, or searching social media for answers.

You may have even tried a therapist, but it wasn’t what you needed.

I invite you to try talking with me.

I am a skilled listener, with training and experience using many different approaches to therapy.

We will work together to find the best way for you to move through your problems, given how you heal and grow.

You are a unique person and I have found that no two people have the same path toward healing.

While I am happy to share what I have learned and experienced, as well as the resulting wisdom, I have discovered what is most valuable for my clients is for them to discover their own innate wisdom, learn to harvest their experiences, and open their perceptions. I can help you do that.

While what I do is considered “talk” therapy, talk is rarely enough.

Let’s find your path together.

Through developing new skills and practices, sharing observations, and becoming more aware of what your mind, body, spirit, and heart are saying, we will bring your whole self into our work and into your life.

In individual as well as in relationship sessions my goal is always for you to come more fully into being yourself and live your life from a position of wholeness.

You are welcome to ask me questions before setting up an appointment. Please go to my contact page.